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Created by Emily C Bernstein, “Heeldraggers” is an animated comedy series that follows three mopey millennials as they half-heartedly hustle their way to adulthood.

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I’m happy to say that the show feels like Daria for the current generation.
— Collider
The stories in each episode are super relatable without crossing over into cliche territory
— Brightest Young Things
This is the hottest new web-series...The whole show is a hilariously written and so well-connected to this generation...you definitely do not want to miss the coolest thing to be created.
— The Knockturnal
The Ultimate Relatable Web Series
— Trend Privé
heeldraggers deck pg green+pink.jpg

Heeldraggers is a coming-of-age story for people who are reeeeeeaally taking their time coming of age. The characters are grappling with the daunting task of finding a place in “the real world.” But, like, we ALL are. Growing up is a lifelong process that is as much about holding on to your inner child as it is about learning to pay your bills.Life in your 20’s is a sick, sad world. Sometimes it helps just to see it in candy colors. 

"Heeldraggers feels like Daria for the current generation" – collider

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about emily c. bernstein

Emily C. Bernstein is a human cartoon and accomplished gymnast (see gif). She lives in  a four-bedroom apartment in Bed Stuy with three women and at least 2 mice.

Emily graduated from a prestigious liberal arts institution in 2014 and moved back in with her parents. It was so depressing she decided to write some webcomics about it, because the only thing misery loves more than company is anonymous commenters. Those comics led her to develop the pitch for Heeldraggers, which End Cue thought was good enough to make into a webseries. Emily created, wrote, animated, and directed Heeldraggers. It was a lot of work.

She is currently eating mac and cheese in her bed and pretending she’s not going to fall asleep watching How to Get Away with Murder (again).

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